Note: These settings are for advanced users. We recommend that you do not change it if you are unsure of what you are doing. If you do run into problems, you can reset the Gateway back to default settings. To do this, insert a pointed object (like a straightened paperclip) into the hole at the back of the Gateway labelled 'Reset'. Press and hold the reset button till the power light starts flashing - then release the button. you will need to run the Install CD that came in your kit again once you reset the Gateway.

Advanced Settings > Local Area Network (LAN) 

Configure the Gateway IP Address and Subnet Mask for LAN interface.  Save button only saves the LAN configuration data.  Save/Reboot button saves the LAN configuration data and reboots the Gateway to make the new configuration effective.

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

  Enable UPnP

  Enable IGMP Snooping
  Standard Mode
  Blocking Mode

  Disable DHCP Server
  Enable DHCP Server
       Start IP Address:
       End IP Address:
       Leased Time (hour):

       Static IP Lease List: Please click on Save/Reboot button to make the new configuration effective. (A maximum 32 entries can be configured)
MAC Address IP Address Remove

  Enable DHCP Server Relay
       DHCP Server IP Address:  

Configure the second IP Address and Subnet Mask for LAN interface
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

Ethernet Media Type

  Port 1  
  Port 2  
  Port 3  
  Port 4